From the eyes and ears of Year 2 continued

This week the children have been looking at multiplication and division in Maths, using arrays for support. In English they have been learning about the Peter Rabbit story of the unguarded garden by using a story map for the beginning of the story. The children have also been enjoying their Run to Rio. (Mrs Boughtflower)

We liked sketching a flower and we shaded it. (Oakley and Thomas)

We are learning about flowers, these are some of the parts, a stem, petal, leaf and roots. This is what we need to help plants grow, water, sun and soil, because it helps it anchor it into the ground. (Betsy, Bethany, Paris)

THIS WEEK we  have been learning about  mosques.  Here are some facts about  them. They have a dome shape that is gold. They have two turrets on each minarets.  Turrets are also called minarets. (George s, Milly, Maisy)

We are learning about planting with Peter Rabbit. (Nate, Vanessa, Ben)

We have  been learning about mosques, they have a shoe rack, a pair mats. They are a place of worship.  (Lily, Imogen, Matthew)

This week in RE we have learnt about Islam, we learnt facts about a mosque.   We also learnt about Peter Rabbit in English and we saw a clip it was very funny.  We also learnt multiplication and division in maths.      (Nusrat,Jenny and Georgia).

 Today, we have been leaning division   (Izzy and Reece)