From the eyes and ears of Year 2


This week the children having been running really well when participating in the Run to Rio. The children have all improved in their pace and the amount of laps they are doing in approximately 20 minutes. (Mrs Boughtflower)

We had fun when our parents came to watch us do maths because we showed some of our learning.(Betsy, Bethany, Paris)

TODAY Thursday 28th we have been learning about rocket seeds and it was fun .  (George F and Noah)

Today  Thursday  28th  April  We  have  been  learning  about  Peter  Rabbit  and  the  unguarded  garden.     I  did  some writing  and  a  story  about   Peter  Rabbit.   IT  WAS  FUN.  Abi  Gracie   Evan. 

We did a story  map  about   Peter Rabbit and the unguarded  garden  the opening of ours was Peter and his friends explored the field though the forest then Cottontail jumped out. (Abi, Gracie, Evan)