Year 2 Rocket Seeds

Week 1

This week we planted rocket seeds with Miss Bryant. We have been learning about what is needed for a plant to grow, such as sunlight, water and soil or food, and made sure our seeds had these.  One of the seeds was from space and the other seed was from Earth. We needed to make a prediction as to which was from Earth and which was space.

“Because rockets are fast the one that is a rocket seed will grow fastest” (Evan)

“The one that was in space might take a bit longer to grow because it needs to get use to Earths air” (Izzy)

“I would think the plants (rocket seed plant) will be another colour” (Isla)

“I would think the plant that was in space would be unhealthy because if the rocket flew past them , because you know cars pollute, it might be the same with a rocket” (Nate)