Relationships and Sex Education

Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE) is a central part of the curriculum and is fundamental to success in learning and life. At Lingfield Primary School it supports and underpins our core values of respect, resilience and relationships. Our adoption of Mind Up For Life, a neurological approach to understanding how and why the brain works, reflects this.

Relationships and Sex Education (RSE) falls under the umbrella of PSHE. RSE is now delivered in four strands: the science national curriculum, health education, relationships education and sex education. The curriculum changed in September 2020 and parents/carers need to be aware of what the changes are, why there are changes and how we deliver RSE at Lingfield Primary School. The vast majority of the RSE curriculum is now statutory and there is no right to withdraw a child from the lessons - this is a government directive and as a state-maintained school we are bound to follow this guidance. We do, however, also completely agree with the reasons for this change and passionately believe that our role as educators is to arm children with knowledge, skills and understanding to make informed decisions and choices in their lives. 

All the information is in the Google slides and we direct all parents and carers to watch the relevant presentations. Parents may well have questions after viewing the slides - we have tried to answer some common questions as part of the information on the website. The presentations are intended for parents and carers and not children; we structure the children's learning differently for RSE and do not simply show them a Google presentation. 

Please do take your time to look at the materials and how your children will be taught. If you have any further questions, please do contact your child's class teacher. We want to have honest and open dialogue with parents and carers over the teaching of these materials. 

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How and why - delivery of RSE


Please watch this video regarding Year 2 unit.



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Common questions.