Culture Deck


Our school's Culture Deck is crafted from research into companies with the best reputation for creating effective working cultures.  This has been inspired by:

  • The Culture Deck developed by Netflix.
  • Teacher Development Trust (research paper July 2021)
  • Putting Staff First (Tomsett and Uttley)
  • Radical Candor (Scott)


Our school staff and governors have worked together to create our own set of guiding principles.  These principles drive our school priorities and authentically underpin our daily practice.  They help steer our self-evaluation and aim to reflect what it's truly like to be a member of staff at Lingfield Primary School.

Alongside these mutually agreed values, sits our school's approach and commitment to ongoing professional development and learning.

Through thoughtfully selected and well curated research into the latest theories in education, leadership and personal growth and development, staff have time and opportunity to continually hone and develop their knowledge, skills and practice.

Key contributions from the following sources continue to influence this developing approach to our professional work.

  • Twitter (it is an expectation that all teachers are on Twitter)
  • Teaching Backwards (Griffiths and Burns)
  • Putting Staff First (Tomsett and Uttley)
  • Back on Track, Curriculum: Gallimaufry to Coherence (Myatt)
  • Education Exposed (Strickland)
  • The Walkthrus (Sherrington and Caviglioli)
  • Mind The Gap (podcast)
  • Dynamic Deputies (podcast)
  • Education Research Reading Room (podcast)
  • The Key for School Leaders (website and podcast)
  • Education Endowment Foundation
  • DfE research reviews
  • The National College
  • Chartered College (Impact journal)
  • Early Excellence


Every member of staff has chosen a professional mentor.  Together, they engage in a reciprocal dialogue around the impact of any self-directed, suggested or recommended learning.  All of which links to either a school development priority, subject leadership or wider professional responsibility.  This process is documented through StaffSafe.

At Lingfield, we are really proud of our school's approach and commitment to ongoing professional development and learning.  Staff join our school and stay.  Effective succession planning results in a strong, secure team who commit to the school for the long term.

As a result of this philosophy, teachers and TAs are keen to pursue further accreditations and qualifications.  We currently have five Specialist Leaders of Education and one Local Authority moderator across the staff team, two of whom have also completed their Masters degree.